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Middle Primary Maths Trolley (Years 3-4)

Middle Primary Maths Trolley (Years 3-4)

The Middle Primary Maths Trolley contains 10 different trays of unique mathematical equipment to teach years 3 and 4 the Australian mathematics curriculum.

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Description / Middle Primary Maths Trolley (Years 3-4)

This collection of mobile trolleys has enough mathematics equipment for an entire school department.

The Lower, Middle, and Upper Primary School Math's Trolleys each contain a wide range of equipment that covers various subject areas and skill levels. Along with the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, this kit teaches fractions, statistics, probability, and measurement units to the appropriate level. These trolleys cover the Australian school curriculum, have versatile use in the classroom, and enough supplies for an entire school department.

Maximum storage options

These three trolleys contain 10 different trays, with 30 different storage areas in total. Whilst these trays come filled with equipment, this can be replaced with children's school supplies or classroom books.

Convenient and easy

Because the trolleys are all mobile units, they can be easily moved to fit in any corner of the class or shared amongst the school department. Trays can be labelled for easy use, and the top counter can be used to display class achievement.

There are many uses for the trolleys in class due to the large variety of equipment included. Trays can be used by teachers to assist in class lessons, or by students to learn independently, in pairs, or groups. The lower primary targets years 1-2, the middle years 3-4, and the upper years 5-6. If children are moving beyond or struggling to keep up with their year level, teachers can integrate equipment from the different trolleys, making this a great resource to share amongst a school's department.

Middle Primary Maths Trolley – Years 3 and 4

The Middle Primary Maths Trolley contains 10 different trays of unique mathematical equipment to teach years 3 and 4 the Australian mathematics curriculum.

Each tray is relevant to a different area of mathematics and includes equipment for hands on learning. The Ultimate Maths Manipulatives Tray, the Basic Facts Kit, and the Interlocking 2cm Cubes Group Set all teach foundational numeracy such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions.

The Coins and Notes Tray use pretend cash and coins to teach the practical applications of maths. The Mini Length Kit and MAB Plastic Group Set use interactive tools to teach measurement units (mm, cm, m) and the Mini Volume Kit uses practical activities to teach volume measurement (ml, L).  This trolley also includes the 2D/3D Shapes Kit that demonstrates fundamental geometry through hands on activities. The Probability Kit includes many resources for teaching Statistics & Probability, and the Barrier Games Class Set requires players to give and receive instructions through a barrier (like battleships).

Extra resources

Included in many of the trays are manuals and idea sheets written by Dr Paul Swan. These booklets provide students with mathematics games and activities that utilize the trolleys equipment.

Easy storage

This trolley is a mobile storage unit that is easy to use and a reachable height for children. The clearly labelled trays make organising and packing up supplies simple for teachers and students alike.

Endless variety

With ten different trays of complex equipment, the Lower Primary Maths Trolley has a huge variety of mathematics activities. Rest assured your classroom will never run out of mathematics gadgets and games. 

The Middle Primary Maths Trolley is extremely useful for the classroom due to the range of mathematical content that the trays can assist lessons with. The equipment can be used as a demonstration tool or for students to work independently and in groups. The trays adhere to varying skill levels so that students can learn at their own pace.  The diversity of this product makes the Middle Primary Maths Trolley a fantastic addition to your classroom or schools department.

In full, this product contains:

1x Ultimate Maths Tray
1x Coins and Notes Tray
1x Mini Length Kit
1x Basic Facts Kit
1x Mab Plastic Group Set
1x Mini Volume Kit
1x Interlocking 2cm Cubes Group Set
1x 2D/3D Shapes Kit
1x Probability Kit
1x Barrier Games Class Set

Additional information:

  • Dice (Ultimate Maths Manipulatives Tray) are not suitable for a child under 3 years old.
  • 3D Mini Geosolids (2D/3D Shapes Kit) are not suitable for a child under 3 years old.

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