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Games with Counters

Abacus offers many different games that use counters to enhance students’ maths skills and provide them with plenty of fun. These visually stimulating games will help children stay engaged and is especially useful for those with learning disabilities. Your students will love filling maths lessons with exciting new ways to learn.

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Nesting Pan Balance (Set of 4)
$125.00 - Save $62.50 Special Price $68.75
$62.50 (ex GST)
Ten Frames Bubble Boards
$479.40 - Save $34.40 Special Price $489.50
$445.00 (ex GST)
Rainbow Ten Frames
$359.40 - Save $34.40 Special Price $357.50
$325.00 (ex GST)
Basic Facts Kit
$179.00 (ex GST)
Bulk Magnet Kit
$335.00 (ex GST)
Ten Frames Class Set - Box of 64 trays and 640 counters (with book)
$220.00 (ex GST)
Ten Frames Group Set - Wallet of 16 trays and 160 counters
$49.00 (ex GST)
My Classroom Shop Kit
$345.00 (ex GST)
Rainbow Pebbles Kit
$249.00 (ex GST)
My Maths Wallets (3-6) - Pack of 10
$320.00 (ex GST)
My Maths Wallet (3-6)
$35.00 (ex GST)
My Maths Wallet - Year K-2 (Pack of 10)
$300.00 (ex GST)

More About Games with Counters

Among our products are tabletop board games such as race car rally, buzzle games, and spinner games. Some of our larger board games include cyber attack, mathematics games, and social skills board games. We also sell a range of maths class kits for years 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 which contain counters amongst other equipment.

Counter games are useful for teaching subjects such as addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, sorting, grouping, and pattern making. Counters are a great stand-in for numbers and are therefore useful for practising number equivalency.  

Activity Ideas  

Try Playing Pretend!

My classroom shop kit allows your students to set up a pretend store! This kit includes fake money, a calculator register, and counters to mimic real business essentials. With this equipment, students can learn how maths applies to real life.

Weight it Up

The primary bucket balance and pan balance are measuring scales. Try placing different counters in each bucket to observe and study the varying weights. This is a great tool for learning both science and maths subjects.

Read Our Written Resources

The counters in the classroom book by Dr Paul Swan include a range of games and activities for playing with these products. Additionally, the 50 counter activity cards are a great resource for revising content before a class test.