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Numero is so much more than just your average card game! It helps to develop mathematical skills, including basic number recognition, basic number facts, speed of recall, combining operations and problem-solving with Numero. The popular card game introduces fractions, percentages, decimals and other complex concepts. Suitable for any age, from 6 to 86! A great addition to any classroom or perfect as a fun game to involve the whole family.

Numero helps to develop a range of maths skills in a fun and engaging way that will leave students wanting more. The play-based nature of Numero engages students and encourages learning. Numero is the perfect accompaniment to any maths curriculum and it helps further stimulate and engage young minds.

  • Helps to boost mental maths accuracy and efficiency 
  • Numero can be played by children and adults of all ages
  • Turns maths into an enjoyable and engaging activity that students will look forward to
  • Helps establish critical and tactical thinking skills
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Numero Kit
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Numero® Rules Poster
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Numero® Teacher Tip Cards
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Numero® - Class Pack (15)
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400 Numero Challenges
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Numero - Demonstration pack
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Numero - Single pack
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