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Play Money Resources

Play money is a fun resource for teaching maths that is relevant to our everyday lives. These written resources help bridge the gap between what we know and what we should know, providing games and activities centred on trading money. With this hands-on resource at their disposal, your students will never get bored!

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'My Shop' Posters - Set of 10
$19.90 (ex GST)
Mathematics and Money - Dr Paul Swan and Linda Marshall
$39.00 - Save $19.50 Special Price $21.45
$19.50 (ex GST)
Problem Solving Money Puzzles for Years 4-6 - Dr Paul Swan
$25.00 (ex GST)
50 Money Activity Cards
$29.95 (ex GST)
Money of Australia Cards
$19.90 (ex GST)

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More About Play Money Resources

Among our range of products is the mathematics and money book by Dr Paul Swan and Linda Marshall. This resource covers ‘money milestones’ using different games and activities. The problem-solving money puzzles for years 4-6 book is aimed at slightly older students, covering more specifics about spending money and receiving change.

In the classroom, play notes and coins can be used to set up a pretend shop, encouraging kids to think creatively about selling a product, trading, and the real-life application of maths. These written resources can be used as a guide for students to turn to when setting up shop and working on equations. 

Activity Ideas

Visualise and Revise

Still out of ideas on how to use pretend money? Try using our 50 money activity cards. These come with a range of money facts and visual representations for students to revise. This is the perfect way to study before a class test.

Bigger and Better

The money of Australia cards are durable laminated replicas of our nation’s currency. These massive cards are a great demonstrational tool for the teacher and serve as visual reminders for students about the different kinds of money we use.

A Pretty Picture

If your class wants to set up a pretend shop, the ‘my shop’ posters are the perfect tool to use. Coming in a set of 10, these posters visually demonstrate the value of coins, ranging from 10c to $2. This also includes sheets of fruit with an empty slot saying ‘price’ so students can pretend to trade food items.