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Kids Nature Discovery

 Educate children about the natural world around us and amaze them with our range of nature discovery resources!

Inspire the next generation of green thumbs with Gardening resources or explore the world's flora and fauna with our Plants and Animals resources. Then zoom in on a different perspective with our range of magnifiers and microscopes and learn more about the smallest of living creatures with our bug blocks collections.


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Mini Beasts Butterfly Life Cycle
$89.00 (ex GST)
Mini Beasts Frog Life Cycle
$89.00 (ex GST)
Mini Beasts Insects and Spiders - Large  (Set of 15)
$199.00 (ex GST)
Mini Beasts Insects and Spiders - Small  (Set of 6)
$89.00 (ex GST)
Bug Blocks - Spiders - Set of 4
$95.00 (ex GST)
Bug Blocks - Cabbage Butterfly Life Cycle
$95.00 (ex GST)
Bug Blocks - Venomous Animals
$249.00 (ex GST)
Bug Blocks - Frog Development
$95.00 (ex GST)
Bug Blocks - Butterflies - Set of 9
$195.00 (ex GST)
Microscope - Digital Binocular
$695.00 (ex GST)
Microscope - Digital Monocular
$595.00 (ex GST)
Mini Bug Blocks - Set of 8
$59.00 (ex GST)

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