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Play Cash Register

Play cash registers are a great way for students to apply mathematical reasoning to real-life situations. Like a large calculator, this product has numbers ranging from 0-9 and all the symbols for teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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Calculator Cash Register
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More About the Play Cash Register

Among our products is the calculator cash register, which comes with individual compartments for keeping pretend coins and notes. The register has a screen that displays the numbers punched in and a button for opening and closing the money compartment. This device is convenient to use and brightly coloured in red and blue.

In the classroom, this can be used alongside fake cash to help set up a pretend shop. Students can use objects around the class as the ‘product’ and apply their prices to these, acting out the role of shop owner and customer. This is an interactive way to teach kids core principles of trade, monetary value, and how to apply math to their everyday lives.

Activity Ideas

Expand Your Understanding

To elevate the learning process, try using the multicoloured counters in place of cash and coins. Students will have to manually collect and count the ‘money’ which embraces solving sums without the use of calculators.

Harness Class Creativity

Opening a pretend shop in your class allows students to experiment with creating their own businesses. After producing a product in art or science class, students can use the cash register to ‘sell’ the concept to others in exchange for pretend money. This fun process provides a more hands-on understanding of advertising and economic industries.

Teach Varying Year Levels

The play cash registers are useful for teaching a range of math areas to all different year levels. Upper primary school students can add discounts to their ‘products’ which encourages using fractions and place value.