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Social and Emotional Skills

Teach students how, when, and where to ask the right questions with a range of activities and games. With the help of products such as Emotion Dominoes and 50 Mindfulness Activity Cards students will learn how to easily identify their own feelings and better understand others. 

Practising social and emotional skills helps build up students’ self-esteem, contributing to a positive learning environment. Communication games such as Social Skills Board Games, 50 Social Scenario Activities, Recipe for a Friend and the Social & Emotional Learning Kit also help students to become better speakers and writers, and improve clarity of thought and expression. 

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Social & Emotional Learning Kit
$295.00 (ex GST)
Percussion Set (10)
$89.00 (ex GST)
Feelings Flips
$19.95 (ex GST)
50 Nature Activity Cards
$29.95 - Save $15.00 Special Price $16.45
$14.95 (ex GST)
Boiling Over
$19.95 (ex GST)
6 Personal Growth Games
$49.95 (ex GST)
6 Conflict & Resolution Games
$49.95 (ex GST)
6 Social Skills Games
$49.95 (ex GST)
Cyber Attack
$19.95 - Save $10.00 Special Price $10.95
$9.95 (ex GST)
Family Puzzle
$17.95 (ex GST)
50 Social Scenario Activities
$29.95 (ex GST)
6 Health and Wellbeing Games
$49.95 (ex GST)

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