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Science Education Supplies, Games and Toys

At the heart of all science activities is curiosity. Children are brimming with a natural curiosity for the world around them, and it’s our job to provide you the engaging resources to best support their investigations. With this in mind, our products are selected with particular focus given to the key content strands: Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour, and Science Inquiry Skills. The broad range that we stock reflects these strands in the context of fundamental biology, chemistry, and physics concepts.

Studies have shown that when students engage in practical experiments and demonstrations, they retain the knowledge gained for longer. That’s why we place an emphasis on ‘do-it-yourself’ construction kits and exciting manipulatives. Explore magnetism using the Magnets ‘n’ More Science Kit, inspire awe by showing how light refracts with the Glass Prism and Lens Set, or instil perspective with the Inflatable Solar System Set. Our selection of laboratory grade test tubes, holders, and cleaning materials means it couldn’t be simpler or safer to carry out all your favourite chemistry experiments.

Looking for something in particular? Using the search bar at the top of the page will help you find what you’re after. Just having a browse? The handy filter options for Year Level and Content Strand are there should you need to narrow down the selection on display. We hope you find the science resources to suit your needs. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff on (08) 9445 7133 for additional advice on our range.

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Nesting Pan Balance (Set of 4)
$125.00 - Save $62.50 Special Price $68.75
$62.50 (ex GST)
Pocket Board - 420mm x 420mm
$49.95 (ex GST)
Simple Stopwatch - 24 hour (Set of 16)
$295.00 (ex GST)
Solar Power Package
$224.00 - Save $25.00 Special Price $218.90
$199.00 (ex GST)
World Map and Tectonic Plate overlay - A3 size
$4.90 (ex GST)
Feathers, fur or leaves?™ Card Pack
$10.00 (ex GST)
Watch it grow!™ Card Pack
$10.00 (ex GST)
Jumbo Magnetic Marbles - 35mm (Pack of 5)
$8.90 (ex GST)
Paper Towels - Roll
$2.80 (ex GST)
Cardboard - Thick A4 sheet (Set of 10)
$7.90 (ex GST)
Dressmaker Elastic - 5M
$3.90 (ex GST)
Self-Adhesive Labels - 102mm x 24mm
$5.40 (ex GST)