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Gratnells Educational Storage Solutions

Gratnells’ award-winning storage systems provide a wide array of flexible and robust solutions to suit all of your classroom storage needs. Abacus Educational Suppliers has been a trusted and dedicated Gratnells distributor for years. At all times, we stock a wide range of Gratnells products, including storage trays, trolleys and frames in many colours and sizes.

With over 30 years of experience in the educational sector, Abacus can provide you with trusted expert advice on storage solutions, tools and other educational resources. Contact us today if you have any questions, or simply place your order online. Our streamlined ordering process and distribution services allow for fast, efficient and responsive deliveries across Australia. And did we mention that all products come with a two-year Abacus warranty?

Click one of the Gratnells options below to be taken directly to a list of relevant products. You can also scroll down to find more information on some of the Gratnells products we stock.

    • Gratnells Trolleys - The widely popular original storage system designed to cope with a whole range of classroom requirements.
    • Gratnells Trays - Award-winning trays available in more than 30 colours that allow for instant organisation and easy management of classroom materials.
    • Gratnells Frames - Safe and sturdy frames, tested and passed for heavy educational use in Australian classrooms.
    • Gratnells Callero Range - Mix and match with the modular classroom storage system designed to hold a multitude of storage trays per unit.


Our expert advice is backed by three decades of educational experience.


Various heights & more than 30 colours available, from fully translucent to bright purple.


Add a touch of style to your classroom with the modular Callero storage systems.

Gratnells Trolleys

Classroom storage has never been more convenient!

Gratnells Trolleys come in many different sizes, designs and colours and can be mixed and matched to your liking. Designed with Australian classrooms in mind, they are suitable for any educational environment.

All trolleys come with the Abacus 2-year warranty for ease of mind and thanks to our streamlined distribution centre, we are able to deliver bulky storage items in a fast, efficient and responsive way across Australia.

Gratnells Trays

Who knew trays could be so versatile and colourful? Built to last and fully recyclable, Gratnells trays come in an exciting range of over thirty colours and four different heights.

From translucent trays to bright blue or purple, you can’t go wrong!

All trays fit standard school furniture, so you can mix and match colours, lids and tray heights knowing they will all fit with the rest of your classroom setup.

Gratnells Callero

Make classroom setup and lesson pack-ups a breeze!

Callero storage trolleys are designed to hold multiple storage trays per unit. Similar to other Gratnells storage products, you can mix and match tray colours and heights to your liking.

All Callero storage units come with castors and feet, allowing for either stability or mobility.

Gratnells Frames

Gratnells tall frames are the key to successful storage. The tall frames are complete with tops, adjustable feet, and back diagonal bars for additional rigidity. The frame is designed to hold standard Gratnells trays in a variety of configurations.

A combination of colours can be chosen. Colours of trays available include Yellow, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Lime Green and Transparent.

About Gratnells

The Gratnells school tray is the best-selling educational tray in the world. Abacus Educational Suppliers proudly distributes Gratnells storage solutions to schools across Australia.

Gratnells is a world leader in innovative storage solutions. The family company is owned and run by the Hudson family with a history dating back over 125 years.

Today, Gratnells continues to grow and remains the world’s leading brand in tray storage. As market needs have changed, Gratnells has responded with innovative, functional and reliable products that reflect the quality of a company with an amazing history.

Now Gratnells is the market leader for educational storage solutions.

Functional and Fun

That's the best way to describe our Gratnells range of classroom storage products. With vivid colours that brighten any classroom and deep, super-tough trays that can hold plenty of toys, games and educational materials – the Gratnells range really does have everything you could ask for in tray storage.

The same goes for the Callero modular storage system. Stylish and modern, Callero storage solutions are ideal as single units or can be combined for maximum storage in any classroom. Easy to assemble and in a range of different sizes and styles, the Callero range is designed to withstand the rigours of daily school use, and yet still manages to look great.

In addition, Gratnells offers a diverse range of frames, lids and trolleys to match the trays. You can use these accessories and add-ons to fully customise your school storage system whether it’s for kindy purposes, primary school’s educational resources, secondary school’s science labs or any other educational application.

Through stylish, durable and intelligently designs, Gratnells aims to help schools turn outdated classrooms into organised and inspiring learning environments.

How to use Gratnells in your Classroom

    • Kindy and Pre-Primary - Make use of the countless Gratnells storage options to stow away Arts & Crafts resources, toys and games, etc.
    • Maths, Science and Literacy
      • Maths – Include Gratnells products in activities around colour sorting, fine motor skills, counting, adding and more.
      • Science – This is where the versatility of Gratnells trays really comes into play. Experiment with STEM projects about circuits, magnetism, fizzing bath bombs, volcano and other experiments. Lots of ideas can be found here.
      • Literacy – Use Gratnells as alphabet sorting trays, for writing letters in the sand, or as storytelling trays.
    • Primary Connections, Science & Laboratory Rooms - Equip your science lab with a set of translucent trays!
    • Stationary Storage
    • Creative and Outdoor Use - Explore ideas for Creative and Outdoor use of Gratnells products. 

Featured Gratnells Project: Marble Run and Maze

Use a Gratnells tray as the backdrop to a challenging marble maze!

Build a marble run around a Gratnells tray using the equipment in the handy list below! Be creative and come up with different challenges for your students. For example, who can keep the marble moving the longest? Who can build a marble maze linking multiple Gratnells trays together? You can make it a rule that the marble must not stop moving for more than 1 second on any part of the run. The possibilities are endless!

Equipment list

Click here to pre-fill your shopping cart with all available resources for this Gratnells project.

Alternatively, click the product links below to find individual resources.

Available on our website:

    • Jumbo Gratnells Tray
    • Shallow Gratnells Tray
    • Marbles
    • Jumbo Timer
    • Assorted Coloured Straws
    • Masking Tape
    • Paper Cups
    • Sticky Tac
    • Popsticks


    • A4 Coloured card
    • Toilet roll tubes (empty)
    • Kitchen paper roll tubes (empty)
    • Scissors

Other Creative Gratnells Projects

Need inspiration for other creative ways of using Gratnells products in your classroom? There are plenty of fun videos available on the Gratnells Youtube page. Also, check out #whatsinmytray.