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Gratnells Trolleys

Tray Trolleys for Gratnells Storage

Available in various designs, colours and sizes, our tray trolleys allow for a range of combinations of Gratnells trays or shelving. Classroom storage has never been more convenient, with Gratnells Trolleys and Trays suitable for any classroom or educational environment.

All storage trolleys and storage trays are backed by the Abacus 2-year warranty and benefit from our streamlined distribution centre, offering fast, efficient and responsive deliveries across Australia.

Also, view our Gratnells Storage section for a range of suitable Gratnells Trays of differing depths.

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Callero Tilted Tray Unit
$890.00 - Save $200.00 Special Price $759.00
$690.00 (ex GST)
Callero Trolley - SSD Tray Unit
$1,590.00 (ex GST)
Upper Primary Maths Trolley (Years 5-6)
$2,650.00 (ex GST)
Middle Primary Maths Trolley (Years 3-4)
$2,590.00 (ex GST)
Lower Primary Maths Trolley (K- Year 2)
$2,750.00 (ex GST)
Essential Science Trolley - 690mm x 435mm x 1030mm (with handles)
$2,750.00 (ex GST)
Callero Double Trolley - Empty Unit
$790.00 (ex GST)
Callero Treble Trolley - Empty Unit
$990.00 (ex GST)
Callero Double Trolley - DD Tray Unit
$990.00 (ex GST)
Callero Trolley - JJJ Tray Unit
$1,250.00 (ex GST)
Callero Trolley - DJJ Tray Unit
$1,190.00 (ex GST)
Callero Trolley - DDJ Tray Unit
$1,290.00 (ex GST)

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