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Alphabet and Letter Sounds

These games and activities help develop students alphabet awareness, letter recognition, and phonics skills. Simplify the journey from sound to word with snap cards, magnetic letter packs and puzzles! Popular early learning resources include Spelling Flips, Rainbow Magnetic Letters, and Alphabet Bingo.

Whilst we offer magnetic letters and alphabet activities, some of the best work comes from students’ own creativity. Abacus Educational Suppliers also sell a range of gridded and plain whiteboards for students to write on, such as the VersaBoard Large. This encourages students to be independent when learning Alphabet and Letter Sounds.

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Slant Board
$479.40 - Save $34.40 Special Price $489.50
$445.00 (ex GST)
Rainbow Letters
$215.40 - Save $25.40 Special Price $209.00
$190.00 (ex GST)
Alphabet Arc Bubble Board
$29.95 (ex GST)
Alphabet Box
$39.95 (ex GST)
CVC Blenders
$39.95 (ex GST)
Slant Board
$39.95 (ex GST)
Vowel Objects
$25.95 (ex GST)
Vowel Puzzles
$19.95 (ex GST)
Teaching Kit
$195.00 (ex GST)
Alphabet Monster Flips
$29.95 - Save $15.00 Special Price $16.45
$14.95 (ex GST)
Rainbow Giant Alphabet
$24.95 (ex GST)
VersaBoard Large
$44.95 (ex GST)

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