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Prepared Microscope Slides (Set of 40)

Prepared Microscope Slides (Set of 40)

Prepared Microscope Slides (Set of 40)

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Description / Prepared Microscope Slides (Set of 40)

This set contains 8 sets of slides (40 slides in total). You get everything listed below. Wicked wings, Blood and Guts, Creepy Crawlies, Incredible Edible Plants, Extraordinary Ordinary, Lily Pad Leap, Flower Power, Fun Guys.

Wicked Wings

Compare these five wings and notice differences such as size, shape, scales, jagged edges and hairs.
Insect wings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Did you know...?

  • Wings only exist only during the adult stage of an insects life.
  • Most insects have two pairs of wings.
  • Many insects can hover in place like a helicopter.
  • A butterfly can beat its wings about 20 times per second wheras a mosquito can beat its wings over 1000 times a second.
  • Wings serve not only as organs of flight, but also may be used for protective covers, heat, making sound or attracting a mate.
  • In most cases, a network of veins runs throughout the wing tissue that helps the bodies circulatory system.

Set contains five slides...

  1. Bee - Has paired wings and each set is connected with hooks.
  2. Butterfly - Have scaled wings that typically form a colorful pattern. Can you see the scales?
  3. Fruit fly - Observe the wing "hairs" at high magnification. This is not real hair.
  4. House fly - Can beat wings up to 1000 times per second and fly up to 30 mph. Has undeveloped hind wings.
  5. Mosquito - has paired scaled wings.

Blood and Guts

Were you ever interested to see what the inside of a human or animal looks like? If so, this gross but cool set is perfect for you. Did you know...?

  • Blood makes up 7% of your weight.
  • The average adult has 1.25 gallons of blood in their system whereas a newborn only has one cup.
  • The heart works nonstop your whole life, it never takes a break.
  • A Human adult brain weighs about three pounds and is about 78% water.
  • The brain has no pain sensors and brain surgery is often while the patient is awake.
  • A healthy stomach has an acidity level (pH) of two which is around one million times more acid than pure water.
  • During a lifetime, your kidneys clean over one million gallons of blood.

Set contains five slides...

  1. Stomach (human) — View on low magnification to study the many layers that make up your stomach.
  2. Heart (human) — Cardiac muscle is the muscle that makes up the wall of the heart. Cardiac muscle is striated and has many nuclei, the nuclei are centrally located.
  3. Human blood — View under 400X magnification, notice the unique shape of the blood cells.
  4. Kidney (small mammal) — This is a section of the whole kidney, yours has a similar shape, but is much larger.
  5. Brain (mammal) — Notice the folds of the brain tissue. At high magnifications you can see neurons (nerve cells). The small specks are Neuralgia cells.

Creepy Crawlies tttttttttttt

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