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Propeller Education

Propeller Education aims to make it easier for teachers to reach Australian Curriculum objectives by providing them with fun and engaging learning activities that are expertly designed for Primary School learning.

Abacus Educational Suppliers is an exclusive supplier of Propeller Education's Rapid Recall Whiteboards and Cracking Concepts Whiteboard Packs.

Rapid Recall

A fantastic addition to any primary maths classroom, these double-sided, A3 drywipe boards are a great reusable resource for revising key concepts. Using Rapid Recall resources barely requires any planning beforehand, which means you'll have more time for quick and easy assessments as well as additional learning opportunities.

Rapid Recall Whiteboards are designed by teachers to promote classroom discussion, maintain fluency in key concepts, and develop early mastery of primary maths concepts. Every double-sided, A3 whiteboard covers the key National Curriculum Number objectives for the chosen year group.

Cracking Concepts

Each Cracking Concepts Whiteboard Games Pack concentrates on practice and consolidation of a particular skills area in the Australian Maths Curriculum and comes with clear instructions to ensure students are able to work independently and autonomously.

Cracking Concepts is designed to develop fluency, recall and reasoning.


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