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Transport Counters

These multicoloured transport counters are a fun way to teach about the basic structure and movement of objects in mechanics. Alternatively, the counters can be used as a counting device for teaching mathematics such as addition, subtraction, and sequencing.

Check out the themed counters kit which comes with 536 individual counters and 6 different themes.

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More About our Transport Counters

The transport counters come as a red fire truck, orange school bus, yellow boat, green train, blue car, and purple aeroplane. The mixture of vehicles and colours provides a comprehensive and visually stimulating range.

In class, students can group different counters and make fraction and addition problems based on the amount they have. The counters also come in handy in science classes for viewing small objects through a microscope

Activity Ideas

Written and Spoken

The counters can be used in literacy classes to provide a visual aid for storytelling. Furthermore, students can practise their written and verbal skills by describing the features of the counters or listing the names.

Count and Categorize

For another categorizing game, look no further than the transport counters. A pair of students can grab a handful and sort them based on individual vehicle or colour. The first person to finish grouping wins.

Fraction Action

Have a go taking a random handful of counters out of the box and separating them by vehicle or colour. The result will serve as the basis upon which you can make fraction observations, i.e., 1/4 of this group are yellow boats.