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Square Counters

The square counters represent a range of geometric pieces that can be folded and connected to make dynamic 4D shapes. These multifunctional counters can be used for geometry or basic numeracy, coming in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Try using the counters with additional resources such as the attribute block activity cards and Dr Paul Swans pattern blocks cards.

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Pattern Blocks - Dr Paul Swan
$32.00 (ex GST)
Pattern Blocks Class Set
$295.00 (ex GST)
Rainbow Pattern Blocks
$39.95 (ex GST)
Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks
$49.00 (ex GST)
Double-Sided Magnetic Fraction Squares
$64.90 (ex GST)
Attribute Blocks Activity Cards
$19.90 - Save $9.95 Special Price $10.95
$9.95 (ex GST)
Pattern Blocks Cards - Dr Paul Swan
$19.90 (ex GST)
Pattern Blocks - Plastic (Carton of 12)
$394.80 - Save $79.80 Special Price $346.50
$315.00 (ex GST)
Pattern Blocks - Plastic (Jar of 250)
$32.90 (ex GST)
Pentominoes - Plastic (60)
$28.90 (ex GST)
Transparent Colour Tiles (500)
$34.90 (ex GST)
Attribute Blocks Giant Set of 60
$59.90 (ex GST)

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More About our Square Counters

Our range of products includes everything from opaque geometric solids to clear view-thru geometric solids, which come in various shapes. Among our constructible products are the square pentominoes and the triangular pattern blocks which can be snapped together to create different shapes.

Students can use these products to create geometric shapes and craft model buildings and machines. This is a great way to develop an interest in STEM subjects such as engineering and mechanics. They can plan these elaborate ideas with the giant magnetic pattern blocks.

Activity Ideas

Sequence and Count

Try using the square colour tiles as a sequencing and counting device. A pair of students can grab a handful each, set a time, and count how many squares they have of each colour. The first person to finish and get the amount correct wins.

Get More for Less

Try out the pattern blocks class set to get more bang for your buck! This comes with geometric pieces in 6 different shapes, which can be fixed together using ideas from Dr Paul Swans' pattern blocks book.

Fraction Action

Learn more about how to make and solve fractions with the deluxe rainbow fraction squares. These pieces can be brought together to create fraction squares that represent different parts of the same whole.