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Round Counters

These small round counters are ideal for teaching addition, subtraction, and other areas of foundational numeracy. The eye-catching counters come in a range of different colours and materials, including metal-rimmed magnetic counters that are perfect for a class on magnetism. Regardless of the subject, you can count on this product to make teaching easy.

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Rainbow Ten Frames
$359.40 - Save $34.40 Special Price $357.50
$325.00 (ex GST)
Ultimate Maths Manipulatives Tray - TPC
$210.00 (ex GST)
Ultimate Maths  Manipulatives Tray - SFC
$225.00 (ex GST)
Bulk Magnet Kit
$335.00 (ex GST)
Ten Frames Class Set - Box of 64 trays and 640 counters (with book)
$220.00 (ex GST)
Ten Frames Group Set - Wallet of 16 trays and 160 counters
$49.00 (ex GST)
My Maths Wallets (3-6) - Pack of 10
$320.00 (ex GST)
My Maths Wallet (3-6)
$35.00 (ex GST)
My Maths Wallet - Year K-2 (Pack of 10)
$300.00 (ex GST)
My Maths Wallet - Year K-2
$32.00 (ex GST)
Two-Colour Counting Chips - 25mm - Box of 1000
$85.00 (ex GST)
Opaque Counters (2000) 19mm - 10 colours
$69.90 (ex GST)

More About our Round Counters

Amongst our range of round counters are the classic two-colour counters and multicoloured opaque counters. Alternatively, the translucent counters are the perfect option for playing board games such as cyber attack. 

Try out the ten frames tray and counters which contains 10 slots to place red and blue counters into. This process helps students to visualise numeracy problems, use the trays to explore multiplication and create their own equations. 

Activity Ideas

Magnetic Magic

Interested in magnetism? Have a go using the giant horseshoe magnet to pick up the magnetic two-colour counting chips or the even bigger and better equivalent. If you prefer to buy in bulk, check out the bulk magnet kit which provides a range of different materials to use with the counters.

Practise Probability

Ask students to pair up and have one partner create a pattern out of the two-colour counters. The other partner must repeat the pattern, create their own, and on it goes. This helps students to practise sequencing and probability skills. 

Stack and Add

Try using our coloured stackable counters to play numeracy games. For example, students can assign the number 10 to green counters and 5 to blue counters, then use this information to add up a stack with the winner being the first one to guess the result.