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Rainbow Counters

These countable rainbow supplies are aimed at teaching literacy and mathematics. Among this range you can find rainbow magnetic letters which will help kickstart learning to spell, and rainbow numbers which are best used by students to construct sums. 

These counters come in a range of shapes and sizes and provide the opportunity for students to progress in different subjects at their speed.  


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Rainbow Phonics Tiles
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Rainbow CVC Objects - Carton of 12
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Rainbow Ten Frames
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Rainbow Sentences
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Rainbow Giant Phonics
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Rainbow Letters
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Rainbow Numbers
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Rainbow Phonics Magnetic Letters
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Rainbow Timers - Carton of 12
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Counters - Rainbow Pebbles Set
$39.00 (ex GST)
Rainbow Pebbles Kit
$249.00 (ex GST)

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More About our Rainbow Counters

For teaching basic addition and subtraction, the rainbow ten frames and rainbow number frames are handy counting devices. Rainbow sentences and rainbow punctuation marks can also be used together on a whiteboard to help develop an understanding of sentence structure. 

You can have multiple maths games at your fingertips by pairing the rainbow pebbles set with our book of STEM ideas with rainbow pebbles. Activities include designing the Fibonacci sequence and creating rock formations from mirror images.

Activity Ideas

Get Creative!

Your students can have a go piecing together rainbow pattern blocks to create different images of animals, objects, etc. As a fun class activity, students can try to guess what the image is depicting and spell it out on the whiteboard with rainbow giant alphabet letters.  

Try Guessing the Word

Using the rainbow phonics magnetic letters, students can pair up, sit opposite each other, and try to guess the hidden words spelt out on each other’s whiteboards. This is a great exercise in vocalizing language, creating dialogue, and using critical thinking skills.  

Build Your Own Fractions

The rainbow fraction squares or circles are ideal for creating your fractions and calculating how individual parts make up a whole. Students can write a list of fraction sums and use these counters to find the results, with the winner being the first person to answer all their questions.