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Animal Counters

Animal counters come in a range of shapes, sizes, and interest areas that are ideal for teaching math. Whether your students have a fixation on bugs or bears, they will be hooked on using these models. Included in this section are different real animal specimens that are ideal for teaching biology.


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Themed Counters Kit
$249.00 (ex GST)
Friendly Farm Animals Counters - Jar of 72
$38.90 (ex GST)
Bug Blocks - Spiders - Set of 4
$95.00 - Save $20.00 Special Price $82.50
$75.00 (ex GST)
Bug Blocks - Butterflies - Set of 9
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$165.00 (ex GST)
Mini Bug Blocks - Set of 8
$59.00 (ex GST)
Animal Kingdom - Bug Blocks Set C
$395.00 (ex GST)
Small Bear Counters - Set of 200
$37.90 (ex GST)
Bear Family Counters - Set of 96
$36.90 (ex GST)
Backyard Bugs - Set of 72
$36.90 (ex GST)
Aquatic Counters - Set of 84
$39.90 (ex GST)
Dinosaur Counters - Set of 128
$39.90 (ex GST)

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More About our Animal Counters

The detailed and multi-coloured counters come as small bugs, farm animals, aquatic creatures, bears, and dinosaurs. Among the creepy crawly specimens are insects, amphibians, and fish sealed into clear ceramic blocks. 

The animal counters can be used for practising addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These counters come in both jars and larger boxes which provides plenty for the whole class to use during lessons.

Activity Ideas 

Up Close and Personal

Try using a set of bug blocks alongside a magnifier to play an animal guessing game! Students must write down the names of each specimen from memory and assign them correctly. This game helps to develop memory skills.  

Count and Categorize

For another categorizing game, look no further than the vegetable counters. A pair of students can grab a handful of the aquatic counters and sort them based on individual animals. The first person to finish grouping wins.

Fraction Action

Have a go taking a random handful of animal counters out of the box and separating them by type of animal and colour. The result will serve as the basis upon which you can make fraction observations, i.e., 1/3 of this group are yellow bear counters