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The Sun, Earth and The Moon Orbiter Model

The Sun, Earth and The Moon Orbiter Model

Use this model to help demonstrate day, night, seasons, and phases of the Moon in your classroom.

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Description / The Sun, Earth and The Moon Orbiter Model

The Sun, Earth and The Moon Orbiter Model provides students with a visual representation of how the moon and earth sit in orbit to the sun. This model can inspire students doing further research about day and night, seasons, sunsets and sunrises, and eclipses. This is a great accompaniment to a science class or as a decorative feature in your classroom.

Additional resources

This model comes with a teacher’s activity guide so that students and teachers alike can understand and learn more about the orbiter.

Useful labels

This model has the months and seasons labelled at its base so that students can see how seasons function in orbit. The model of earth also has accurate country labels. The Sun, Earth and The Moon Orbiter Model can be used during class lessons as a demonstrational tool about earth and space science. The earth can be manually moved to show its rotation around the sun, and the moon can be moved to show its rotation around the earth. The sun has LED inside which demonstrates the effect that sunlight has on the earth and moon. 

For younger students, this can be used to learn how seasons are affected by the earth’s orbit, whilst older students may use this as a reference for more advanced study of astronomy and gravity.

In full, this product contains:

1x The Sun, Earth, and The Moon Orbiter Model

Additional information:

Requires 2x AA batteries (not included)
The diameter of the sun is 150mm, the earth is 102mm and the moon is 25mm. 
Model measures 410 x 300mm tall.

More Information

GTIN Code 849230002572
Alternative Codes M4A015

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Customer Reviews

Review by Diver
I think this model should be in every primary science room. IF I had more money, I'd buy four more (one for each table group). Clearly shows how axis tilt affects the height of the sun in the sky and daylight hours (Year 3 day/night/seasons/phases of the moon). The model's limitations are catalysts for generating Year 5 understanding e.g. the model shows the moon's orbit in the same orbital plane as the Earth around the sun: so why don't we have eclipses twice a month? Relative size and distance of the objects: if the moon was that big, how big would the sun have to be and where would it be for the model to be true to scale?
Great product
Review by Tinker
Two grandchildren age four and six loved finding out about eclipse of the sun. A great teaching tool and fun for children.

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