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Tape Measure - 10m

Tape Measure - 10m

Easy-to-read 10m fibreglass measuring tape, with the units centimetre, millimetre, feet and inches.

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SKU 1G004

Description / Tape Measure - 10m

Teach young children the fundamentals of measuring length with this safe, vinyl coated measuring tape. The increments are clearly marked to show centimetre and millimetre on one side, and feet and inches on the other. This system is perfect for visually demonstrating the relative units.

Product features

Measure straight or round objects with the flexible tape. Made from a long lasting, vinyl-coated fibreglass, it’s water resistant and therefore could be incorporated into outdoor measurement activities. Surrounded by a durable plastic casing and featuring a pop out handle for easy wind-up.

Measuring length accurately is a key skill covered by children in their primary science learning. Practical tools like this measuring tape are perfect for putting theoretical knowledge to the test. A 10m tape could be taken outdoors to practise measuring larger areas, or even incorporated into perimeter and area tasks.

In full, this product contains 1x Measuring Tape – 10m Fibreglass.

The measure is W 13mm.

More Information

Content Strand Measurement & Geometry
Proficiency Strand Understanding
Alternative Codes E1G004 F1G004 H1G004 L1G004 M1G004

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