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Student Torches (Box of 12)

Student Torches (Box of 12)

Student Torches (Box of 12)

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SKU 2P087-12

Description / Student Torches (Box of 12)

These handy torches are perfect for individual student use. They are ideally sized for students hands.
This boxed set of 12 torches include AA batteries and measure 160mm x 33mm.


Teaching Ideas

Make a blue sky in a jar

Demonstrate to students why the sky is blue using these torches (to act as the sun), a clean glass jar, water, milk and a very dark room.

Turn on the torch, make sure the room is dark, then shine the torch at the jar of liquid, holding the torch to one side of the jar and look at the colour of the liquid from the front.

It appears blue when we shine the light from the bottom because the blue light is scattered the most as it travels up the container.

We can make this liquid change colour, and investigate red and pink sunsets, by moving the torch and changing the position of the beam of light. In the same way, the sky appears a different colour depending on the position of the sun.

It is often said that the most beautiful sunsets occur over polluted cities and after volcanic eruptions when there is a lot of smoke and ash in the air. We can see this intensity of colour change when we add more milk to the mixture.

More Information

GTIN Code 5060138825178
Alternative Codes E2P087-12 F2P087-12 H2P087-12 L2P087-12 M2P087-12

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