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Polydron Super Kit

Polydron Super Kit

The possibilities are endless with this 598-piece Polydron Super Kit which includes everything you get from both the Polydron Primary Maths Set (1A004) and the Polydron Crystal Set (1A008)

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Description / Polydron Super Kit

This Super Kit is packed full of durable Polydron supplies to meet the demands of a busy classroom. Suitable for a range of developmental stages and age groups, these seemingly simple shapes can be applied in a multitude of ways to teach fundamental themes in mathematics and technology. 

Polydron shapes feature a specialised clip-hinge design, meaning they can be easily joined and manipulated to create complex 3D structures. 

Two sets combined!

In this extensive super kit, two Polydron sets are combined: nine shapes are included in both a solid and translucent red, blue, green, and yellow. Some shapes have a cut out feature to facilitate easier building. 

Translucent crystal shapes

The translucence feature of the crystal pieces means that when used with a light table or against a light source, students can see inside the 3D structure and appreciate the space within.

Depending on the developmental stage of the students, these simple shapes can be used to practise foundational concepts such as sorting, by applying basic attributes of colour and shape, right through to the planning, construction, and evaluation of complex 3D solids. 

In full, this product contains: 

  • 290x triangles (100 equilateral, 50 large equilateral, 60 isosceles, 80 right angle)
  • 40x squares
  • 30x rectangles
  • 24x pentagons  
  • 20x hexagons
  • 10x octagons with cut-out
  • 40x translucent squares
  • 100x translucent equilateral triangles
  • 24x translucent pentagons
  • 20x translucent hexagons
  • Exploring Polydron booklet
  • Gratnells Jumbo Tray with lid 

Individual square pieces measure 73mm x 73mm. The storage container measures L 427mm x W 312mm x H 300mm. 

Suitable for children aged 5 and above.

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