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Plastic Cuisenaire Rods - 10 Colours (370 pieces)

Plastic Cuisenaire Rods - 10 Colours (370 pieces)

A colourful array of Cuisenaire rods in a variety of lengths, totalling 370 plastic pieces, stored in a durable plastic box.

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Description / Plastic Cuisenaire Rods - 10 Colours (370 pieces)

Cuisenaire rods are a tried and tested ‘go-to’ for teaching a wide variety of topics in the maths classroom. The system of rods, ranging in length from 10mm to 100mm, can be stacked, ordered, grouped, placed in patterns, or used as a component of free play. There’s even potential to apply the pieces in the teaching of trickier concepts like fractions, algebra, arithmetic, probability, and place value.

Colourful rods

Part of what makes this resource so appealing is the variety of colours the pieces are supplied in. These follow the standard Cuisenaire format of orange, blue, brown, black, dark green, yellow, pink, light green, red, and white.

A practical classroom resource

All are made from a durable, smooth plastic. Plastic is easy-to-clean, which is useful in an environment where lots of students may use the same resource. All the pieces fit neatly into a clip lid, transparent plastic storage box, for easy storage.

Fine motor skills

An added bonus of working with small tactile manipulatives is the development of fine motor skills, like dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

This set of 370 pieces is enough to allow for collaborative class activities. Children will benefit from working with others; problem-solving and communicating using descriptive language.

In full, this product contains:

  • 20x Orange (100 x 10 x 10mm)
  • 20x Blue (90 x 10 x 10mm)
  • 20x Brown (80 x 10 x 10mm)
  • 20x Black (70 x 10 x 10mm)
  • 20x Green (60 x 10 x 10mm)
  • 20x Yellow (50 x 10 x 10mm)
  • 30x Purple (40 x 10 x 10mm)
  • 50x Light Green (30 x 10 x 10mm)
  • 60x Red (20 x 10 x 10mm)
  • 110x White (10 x 10 x 10mm)
  • Plastic storage container

The container measures L 305mm x W 230mm x H 70mm.

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