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Opaque Stackable Counters (250) 38mm - 10 colours

Opaque Stackable Counters (250) 38mm - 10 colours

A jar of Opaque Stackable Counters (250x), 38mm, in ten colours, a versatile tool for every maths classroom.

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SKU 1B114

Description / Opaque Stackable Counters (250) 38mm - 10 colours

Using counters, it’s possible to teach a wide array of numeracy concepts, from the foundations of counting, sorting, and classifying, through to multiplication, division, and probability.

Bright and engaging

This set of opaque counters are bright and appealing, supplied in ten different colours: Green, orange, yellow, red, light blue, purple, grey, brown, black, and white.


Stackable counters are easy for young children to handle. Stacking the counters assists with fine motor development and allows for two players to occupy the same space on a board or number track.

Forming towers out of the stackable counters could form part of an activity focusing on patterning and sequences. Or, older children could use stackable counters to tackle problems that involve ordering according to colour. For example – How many different triple-decker ice-creams can you make from a choice of four flavours?

In full, this product contains: 1x Jar of Opaque Stackable Counters (250) – 10 colours.

An individual counter measures 38mm.

The jar is a transparent plastic with screw top lid.

More Information

Content Strand Number & Algebra
Proficiency Strand Understanding
Alternative Codes E1B114 F1B114 H1B114 L1B114 M1B114

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