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Write-on Dice

The write-on dice are ideal for classrooms that enjoy being creative with math. These dice have 6 blank sides which allow students the freedom to work on any subject and are a great interactive device during lessons.

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Write and Wipe Dice
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Write-On Dice Kit
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Write and Wipe Whiteboard Dice - 85mm (Set of 6)
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Write and Wipe Whiteboard Dice - 85mm
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More About Write-on Dice

We sell a set of 1, 4, and 6 different write-on dice, which can be bought depending on the needs of your classroom. Included in this range is a bulk kit of whiteboard dice and pens used for creating different equations that can be wiped away with ease.


You can practise basic numeracy by writing numbers on each side of the dice to be used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These can also be used for creating fractions, practising probability, and algebra.


Activity Ideas

What is Equivalent?

To work on number equivalency, try writing words and symbols equivalent to numbers on the dice. When rolling these dice, students must mentally translate the different number formats and learn how to quickly solve problems while distinguishing different amounts.  

Practise Pattern Making

Have a go drawing designs on each side of the dice and then lining them up to make a continuous pattern. This can also be done with numbers and symbols to practise sequencing. After making a number pattern, try turning it into a long sum.

Create Different Fractions

The dice faces can have numbers written on them that represent different numerators and denominators. Try rolling the numbered dice to create fractions or write fractions directly onto the dice faces to add these sums together.