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Word Dice

With a roll of the dice, students can create whole stories and narratives that encourage creative thinking. The word dice are designed to build upon students' understanding of literacy by teaching them to construct unique words, sentences, and even math problems.

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Bulk Dice Package - 466 pieces
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Roll A Word Dice
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Dice - 6 Sided 16mm Word
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Dice - 6 Sided 16mm Word
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More About Word Dice

The classic word dice come in a set of 10 and a jar of 80. With different words on each side, these dice are ideal for constructing whole sentences. We also sell the roll-a-word dice with colour-coordinated vowels, consonants, and digraphs on each side.

Students can use these dice to form individual words and use these in combination with word dice to write a short story. This is a great exercise for children to form a mental link between sounds, words, and sentences.

Activity Ideas

Compliment and Critique

Using the dice students can pair up to write stories and read one another’s work. This will help to develop their analytical skills in various areas of literacy and encourage sharing creative work amongst peers.

Roll, Speak, and Repeat

For a warmup activity before class, students can play a spoken word game by rolling the dice and incorporating the word it lands on into their sentence. Going around the circle, each student can contribute to the story with their imagination and help from the dice.  

From Sentences to Sums

These dice can be used alongside numbered dice to construct a worded maths problem, which will test students’ ability to mentally translate words to numbers. The bulk dice package incorporates 466 different pieces and can be shared amongst a whole school department.