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Story Dice

Story dice are the perfect addition to learning literacy, coming with different symbols and themes on each side that can be used as storytelling prompts. Story dice can also be used in maths class alongside regular dice to create word maths problems.

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Roll A Story Dice
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More About Story Dice

The roll-a-story dice come in a pack of 10 and contain 10 different categories such as people, animals, food, places, transport, feelings, weather, actions, sports, and objects. This provides a range of different options for creating stories and playing word association games in class.

The symbols on the dice can be used as literal representations of words i.e. a pizza symbol being a slice of pizza in a story. Alternatively, the symbols can be used to teach figurative representations, i.e. a pizza symbol standing in for food, triangles, or Italy.

Activity Ideas

Take Turns to Tell a Story

Story dice are ideal as a warmup activity before jumping into a literacy lesson. Students can roll the dice, use the symbol it lands on as a word prompt, and then go around the group connecting the words into a story.

Fractions in Action

Try rolling the dice and jotting down which symbols are landed on multiple times. Using these symbols as denominators and numerators, students can create different fraction-related sums. The symbols in place of numbers will teach them to differentiate quantities.

Build Sentences and Sums

These dice can be used to create maths problems with words. For example, roll the dice until they land on a food, sport, or object. Then use these to construct a written maths problem that relates to these things. This will test students’ ability to mentally translate words to numbers.