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Foam Dice

Foam dice are a fantastic tool for teaching basic numeracy, coming in a range of different shapes and sizes. The softness of this product makes it easy to throw around, improves dexterity, and is completely safe for young children to use.

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Equivalency Foam Dice
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Number Foam Dice
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Soft Dice Kit
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Giant Foam Dice - Dots (Set of 2)
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More About Foam Dice

These dice come in a range of products, such as the giant dotted dice that can be used by teachers for class demonstrations. The multiple-representation foam dice have different symbols on each face to show equivalent versions of the same numbers. Both dice provide fun and interactive ways to learn maths.

In the classroom, students can use the soft dice kit to practise addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, probability, and more. Alongside foam dice, this kit includes jumbo PVC dice and regular-sized dice of different colours and amounts.

Activity Ideas

Craft Unique Sums!

The multiple-representation dice are perfect for generating random sums. In groups, students can roll these dice to create math problems and test one another for the answers. This is a great study technique when revising for tests.

Scratch up on Storytelling

The sentence, grammar, and punctuation dice are all made of foam and designed for creative writing. Rolling these dice, your students can use whatever side they land on as a word prompt for writing a story or playing a spoken word game in a group.  

You’re on a Roll

In a group, set up a hula hoop on the ground and try rolling your dice inside it. Every time it lands inside, write down the upwards-facing number on the dice and roll them again into the hoop. The person to reach the highest score on paper wins.