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Dice in Dice

These dice come wrapped in another clear plastic dice and are a fantastic maths resource for learning basic numeracy such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Your students will find endless uses for this in maths activities and games.

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Dice in Dice - 10 sided (Jar of 72)
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Dice in Dice - 6 sided (Jar of 72)
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More About Dice in Dice

Our range of dice-in dice includes a 6-sided jar of 72 and a 10-sided jar of 72. The different number of sides offers variation, as the 10-sided dice is more suited to making complex sums. The large quantity of dice is enough for every student and multiple classrooms to share.


Whether independently or in groups, students can take turns rolling the dice and multiplying the inner dice with the outer based on the side it lands on. This resource can be used for anything from personal revision to playing a larger class game.


Activity Ideas

Create Your Fractions

To create fractions, roll a pair of dice and use the outer layer to represent the denominator whilst the inner layer represents the numerator. This can be practised with multiple pairs of dice to create fraction equations.

Double or Nothing

Getting into pairs, take turns rolling the dice and adding together the numbers they land on. If either of you rolls two of the same, you can double your overall amount. The first person to reach 100 or more wins the game.  

What’s the Probability?

The dice can be used to complete statistical experiments, such as writing down all the possible outcomes and then rolling a pair of dice over and over to see the probability of each result. This can be recorded on a graph or chart, encouraging students to combine multiple areas of math.