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Blank Dice

Blank dice are a multifunctional resource that allows students the freedom to write on all sides. These are extremely useful for different board and card games or can be applied to revising for science, maths, and literacy subjects. The diverse application of these dice is what makes them a necessity in any classroom.

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Bulk Dice Package - 466 pieces
$225.00 (ex GST)
6-Sided Blank Dice - 16mm (Jar of 200)
$79.00 (ex GST)
Write and Wipe Dice
$29.95 (ex GST)
Write-On Dice Kit
$195.00 (ex GST)
Write and Wipe Whiteboard Dice - 85mm (Set of 6)
$95.00 (ex GST)
Write and Wipe Whiteboard Dice - 85mm
$14.90 (ex GST)
Dice - 6 Sided 16mm Blank (Jar of 80)
$29.00 (ex GST)
Dice - 6 Sided 16mm Blank (10)
$4.50 (ex GST)

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More About Blank Dice

Among our products are the write-and-wipe whiteboard dice, which come in different colours and sizes. The smaller blank dice come in a jar of 10, 80, and 200 and are ideal for writing maths symbols onto. If you prefer to buy in bulk, this product is available in the write-on dice kit and the bulk dice package.


The blank faces of these dice can be personalised with dots, numbers, letters, symbols, etc to suit your class's needs. These can be tailored based on the developmental stage of your students or used to revise specific topics and questions covered in class.


Activity Ideas

Create Your Sums

The dice can be individualised with words, images, and symbols that hold private meaning to students. For example, students could draw different book titles on the dice, roll them, and then study whichever book title the dice land on.

Advance Your Speed

Whilst dice usually deal in single digits, these customisable dice allow for larger numbers to be written. This allows students to work on more advanced sums such as long division, and progress mathematically at their speed.

Craft Words and Sentences

For learning literacy subjects, students can write consonants and vowels on the dice and toss them to make a word. Alternatively, students can use the dice to play word games, such as telling a story and filling in the blanks with words written on the dice.