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8-Sided Dice

The 8-sided dice have an interesting triangular shape and contain one number per side.

These dice have an octahedron shape that is relevant to teaching geometry and provides students with a range of potential numbers to create and solve maths problems.

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Dice - 8 Sided 16mm Numbered (10)
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More About our 8-sided Dice

These dice are perfect for testing your understanding of counting, probability, and number recognition by guessing what side the dice will land on. For learning about place value, try using these dice alongside the dice games for place value book by Dr Paul Swan.

Have a go using the numbered dice by taking turns rolling the dice in a pair and keeping your chosen number a secret. Students must keep rolling the dice until the winner gets 5 of the same number in a row. This is a simple way to test statistical likelihood and probability.

Activity Ideas

Race to 100

Try taking turns rolling a pair of dice and jotting down the numbers, which can be multiplied, added, subtracted, and divided, with the winner being the first person to reach 100. This is a great game for students to play in a group and is fun with the wide range of numbers available.

Make Your Own Fractions

Have a go playing a fraction game by rolling the dice and using the landing numbers in the equation (smaller as numerator and larger denominator). If you roll doubles or are the first person to answer the question, then you win a point. 

Guessing Games

Why not try a guessing game? Add together the number combinations from every side of rolling two 4-sided dice and make a number chart of the results. Students can take turns rolling the dice and guessing the outcomes before they land. The winner is the first person to guess a result correctly.