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4-sided Dice

Four-sided dice are an ideal resource for teaching mathematics. Numbered 1 to 4 with 3 numbers on each side, the dice take on a tetrahedron shape which also assists in learning geometry.

Our 4-sided 18mm number dice come in different colours that include orange and purple. 

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Dice - 4 Sided 18mm Number (10)
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More About our 4-sided Dice

Aside from teaching basic numeracy, probability, and number recognition, the dice can be used to play fun maths games. Try using 4-sided dice to play a game of dice darts (from page 34 of dice dazzlers – Dr Paul Swan book).

For independent study, students can add, subtract, multiply, and divide the 3 numbers on each side of the die. Have a go at rolling several dice at once to receive different number combinations and create your own maths problems. 


Activity Ideas

Odds and Evens

To help your students develop a keen understanding of different types of numbers, assign odds and evens to two students. They must roll the dice and can only add their own numbers based on whatever side the dice lands. The first player to reach the number 100 wins. 

Guessing Games

Why not try a guessing game? Add together the number combinations from every side of rolling two 4-sided dice and make a number chart of the results. Students can take turns rolling the dice and guessing the outcomes before they land. The winner is the first person to guess a result correctly.

For All Year Levels

These dice are ideal for upper primary students who are seeking more complicated learning. Students can use the digits on the dice to represent points on a compass, can play statistical distribution guessing games, and even use the dice to group themselves for class activities.