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20-Sided Dice

Our range of 20-sided dice offer fantastic maths challenges to your classroom. These dice are in the geometric shape of an icosahedron, have one number on each side, and can be used for both maths games and lessons.

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Jumbo PVC - 20 Sided Number
$11.90 (ex GST)
Dice - 20 Sided Numbered (Jar of 60)
$42.00 (ex GST)
Dice - 20 Sided 20mm Numbered (10)
$6.90 (ex GST)

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More About our 20-sided Dice

Among our products are the numbered dice which come in an assortment of three colours, and the jar of 60 20-sided dice which includes even more aesthetic options. For a more unique alternative, try our jumbo PVC dice which comes in a larger size that is perfect for class demonstrations. 

Students can use these dice for independent study or to solve problems in groups. Have a go at rolling several of these dice for a wide range of number combinations to create your own math problems with. 


Activity Ideas

Add to 100

In a group of three try rolling one die each and keeping score of what number each die lands on. Add the numbers together as you go and the first person to reach a score of 100 wins the game. This game is ideal for practising basic addition.

Make Your Own Fractions

Have a go playing a fraction game that involves rolling the dice and using the landing numbers in the equation (smaller as numerator and larger denominator). If you roll doubles or are the first person to answer the question, then you win a point. 

Take Your Places!

Try taking a sticky note and drawing on it one of these symbols: < >. Next roll a pair of the 20-sided dice and place the resulting numbers on either side of the sticky note. This is a great way for students to test themselves on place value.