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12-Sided Dice

These dice take the geometric shape of a rhombic dodecahedron with 1-12 sides that each contain a single number. Our range includes the traditional numbered dice which come in two colours, and the larger jumbo PVC dice

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Bulk Dice Package - 466 pieces
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Dice - 12 Sided Numbered (Jar of 60)
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Dice - 12 Sided 18mm Numbered (10)
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More About our 12-sided Dice

The jumbo PVC dice can be used as a demonstrational tool for teachers during a class lesson. The size ensures students can easily read and understand the numbers, which makes this dice perfect for playing a whole class game.

To cover your classroom needs, our range of dice includes single die, quantities of ten, and whole jars of 60. Due to the number of sides, these dice are great for learning foundational math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Activity Ideas

Roll and Add

Try pairing up and each writing the numbers 1-6 on a whiteboard. Take turns rolling the dice, adding the numbers together and erasing the resulting number from the board. The first person to wipe off all their numbers from the board wins.

Odds and Evens

To help your students develop a keen understanding of different types of numbers, assign odd and even numbers to two students. They must roll the dice and can only multiple their own numbers based on whatever side it lands. The first player to multiply up to 100 wins. 

Expand on Teaching

The twelve-sided dice can be used to teach subjects like time by the sides representing months of the year or the 12-hour clock. Alternatively, each number could take on a different meaning for word-based games.