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Opaque Counters

The opaque counters are a durable resource that come in a range of colours.  This hands-on equipment can be used for learning many different subjects and is easy to store in your classroom.

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Opaque Counters (2000) 19mm - 10 colours
$69.90 (ex GST)
Opaque Counters (1000) 19mm - 10 colours
$38.90 (ex GST)
Fluoro Stackable Counters (6 colours) 38mm
$46.90 (ex GST)
Opaque Stackable Counters (250) 38mm - 10 colours
$46.90 (ex GST)
Opaque Counters (2000) 22mm - 10 colours
$89.90 (ex GST)
Opaque Counters (Box of 1000) 22mm - 10 colours
$47.90 (ex GST)

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More About Opaque Counters

These 10 different coloured counters come in a box of 1000 or a box of 2000. You can choose between counters that are 19mm or 22mm. We also sell 38mm fluorescent counters in a jar of 6 colours, or 38mm opaque stackable counters in a jar of 10 colours.

In class, these can be used for teaching basic addition and subtraction problems, with the counters standing in place of numbers. Practising grouping, sequencing, and pattern-making is another great way to use this resource.

Activity Ideas

Stack and Add

Try using our coloured stackable counters to play numeracy games. For example, students can assign the number 10 to green counters and 5 to blue counters, then use this information to add up a stack. The winner is the first person to guess the result.

Can you Hack the Stack?

Grab a stopwatch, a box of stackable counters, and a friend. In under a minute try to get the tallest stack of counters. However, you have to be careful. If your tower of counters falls you will be automatically eliminated!

Count for competition

Try taking a pile of the multicoloured counters and grabbing a stopwatch. On your marks, set, sort! The first person to sort all of their counters into separate colour groups is the winner.