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MAB Plastic Class Set

MAB Plastic Class Set

The MAB class set (plastic) features everything you need to teach the base ten system to young children, with enough resources to comfortably cater for all students in the class.

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SKU 1C027

Description / MAB Plastic Class Set

This extensive class set comprises over 1000 plastic MAB manipulatives and complementary resources. MAB is a base ten system with which you can teach a wide variety of topics, but it’s especially useful when conveying place value and related themes. Ten singular ‘units’ make up one ‘long’. Ten longs make up one ‘flat’. And ten flats form a ten-by-ten cube.

In this set, you’ll find all the base ten components, as well as a transparent cube, activity book, and place value mat. The mat is ideal for adding further clarity to visual demonstrations.

Base Ten book

Base Ten Blocks, written by Dr Paul Swan, is an invaluable addition to the class set. It makes teaching base ten simpler with over 30 tailored activities. It’ll enable you to convey place value, arithmetic, fractions, percentages, money maths, and so much more, with a variety of engaging activities. Each page contains clear, easy-to-follow instructions, diagrams, and reference to the activity’s links with the Australian curriculum.

Transparent cube

A transparent cube is provided, into which you can stack units, longs, and flats to clearly demonstrate that the parts make up a whole.

Compact storage

All components fit neatly into the included Gratnells jumbo tray. It makes packing away after lessons much simpler, and allows you to store all of your MAB manipulatives together in the classroom.

The base ten system can be applied to teach foundational counting and number sense, through to tricky ideas like fractions and division. Students will benefit from using the tactile plastic pieces to problem-solve their way to better understanding. Easily enough resources to allow children to work individually or in small groups. Also available as a wooden set.

In full, this product contains:

1000x MAB units in drawstring bag
100x MAB longs in drawstring bag
50x MAB flats
5x MAB cubes
1x A3 Place value place mat
1x 1 Litre Transparent cube
1x Base Ten Blocks Book by Dr Paul Swan
1x Gratnells Jumbo Tray with Lid

The singular units measure L 10mm x W 10mm x H 10mm. Longs measure L 100mm x W 10mm x H 10mm. Flats measure L 100mm x W 100mm x H 10mm. Cubes measure L 100mm x W 100mm x H 100mm.

The storage container measures L 427mm x W 312mm x H 300mm.

More Information

Content Strand Number & Algebra
Proficiency Strand Understanding
Alternative Codes E1C027 F1C027 H1C027 L1C027 M1C027

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