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Trusted Australian Junior Learning distributor

Abacus Education is excited to announce that we have taken over the distribution of Junior Learning in Australia!
Every Junior Learning resource has been developed by educational neuroscientist Dr Duncan Milne. As such, included are things that make teaching easier; simple to follow instructions, opportunities for self correction, colour-coding support, rich content and hands on fun.

Junior Learning educational resources will save hours of preparation time and the multi-sensory approach will engage even the most reluctant learner.

Great Reading Resources

Junior Learning has produced some fantastic products to help children develop strong reading and story-telling skills. From entire collections of book-banded readers with controlled levels according to a student's reading age to Decodable Readers that focus specifically on the progression of letters and sounds and provide a platform for students to practise their emerging phonics skills.


Great Spelling Resources

With games, flip charts, dice, spinners, dominoes and flashcards Junior Learning has all your spelling resources covered.


Great Number Resources

Junior Learning provides a range of multi-sensory methods for introducing number patterns.  Resources include sandpaper numbers, bingos, dice, games and activities.


Great Maths Resources

Maths resources are designed for teaching mastery and work across the Australian curriculum to cover topics such as place value, fractions and calculation.  Resources include games, self-correction activities, teacher activities, dominoes, bingos, flashcards and much more.


Touchtronic Letters bridges the gap between digital and physical learning.

About Junior Learning

Junior Learning was founded In 2009 by educational neuroscientist Dr Duncan Milne and children’s author Anna Kirschberg. Their goal was to develop a range of unique, multi-sensory educational resources backed by the latest research in cognitive psychology. 

Today, the Junior Learning brand is trusted by teachers around the world. Junior Learning resources are not only designed to nurture neural pathways to creativity, imagination and emotional development, they will also save you hours of preparation time!

Designed by leading educators, Junior Learning award-winning brain-building principles continue to drive transformative learning experiences all over Australia and the world, ensuring the highest standards of educational quality from start to finish.

Dr Duncan Milne

Dr Duncan Milne completed his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and Education at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, where he studied reading with functional brain imaging.

Passionate about dyslexia and the development of effective techniques to support reading acquisition in all learners, he has spoken at numerous international conferences and serves as an honorary board member and Director of Tools for Learning for Dyslexia International.

Duncan has various publications in peer-reviewed journals, educational reference books for educators and educational resources for students.

Six Phases of Learning

Junior Learning’s literacy resources follow a systematic synthetic phonics-based approach.

This method introduces students to a core set of letters first, encouraging them to become familiar and play around with specific sounds, words and spellings before progressing to a new set of letters so that they can gradually learn to decode words in a natural progression and at a comfortable pace.

Junior Learning's phonics-based approach is supported by the latest research in educational neuroscience and consists of six steps that each stimulate a specific part of the brain that is responsible for different areas of functioning.

Students progress through a total of six phases, from phonemic awareness to letter sounds, phonics, blends, vowel sounds, and spelling.

Decodable Readers

The Junior Learning Decodable Reader sets are specifically designed to guide students through the different phases of their learning progression and both Fiction and Non-Fiction themes are available. The Decodable Readers can be purchased for individual phases, but to any teacher who is interested in the Junior Learning approach for reading purposes, we recommend the Decodable Readers Library - Complete Set, which is also our most popular set!