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Inclined Plane - Simple Machines

Inclined Plane - Simple Machines

This Inclined Plane by Eisco is well-made and designed for teaching children the key principles in physics.

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Description / Inclined Plane - Simple Machines

The model is sturdy, made from wood, and sits securely on a tabletop. Students will be able to study several different simple machine concepts using this one apparatus. Supplied with a FREE set of eight curling stones to enhance learning activities.

Included features

The model features a built-in mass, but the cart has a shallow space for adding additional mass for the purposes of experimentation. The triangular wedge allows the gradient of the incline to be adjusted. A Teacher Guide booklet is included. It contains a wealth of background information, labelled diagrams and worksheets for students using the resource.

Bonus curling stones

To enhance your experience using the Inclined Plane, we are supplying a FREE set of eight curling stones – perfect for adding weight to the cart or using singly as a physics teaching tool. Eight ball-bearing stones are supplied in bright colours: red, yellow, green, and blue.

Inclined planes enable mechanical advantage by increasing the distance travelled and decreasing the force applied; examples include ramps, stairs, and the backs of dump trucks. Mechanical concepts involving input and output forces will always be easier to understand when practically demonstrated. This model enables students to safely experiment, testing various hypotheses and learning to explain their results using scientific language.

In full, this product contains:

  • 1x Inclined plane model
  • 1x Triangle shaped wedge
  • 1x Blue trolley with string attached to a blue mass
  • 1x Set of 8 curling stones
  • 1x Teacher Guide

When packed, the model measures L 420mm x W 90mm x H 50mm. It weighs 700g.

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