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Geo-Volume Set - 15 Pieces

Geo-Volume Set - 15 Pieces

A set of 15 3D shapes that can be filled with liquids or solids to visualise volume and geometry concepts.

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Description / Geo-Volume Set - 15 Pieces

Volume is a key topic for primary children learning about measurement. It’s all about how much space an object takes up. Helping students to grasp the various applications of this will be important for their everyday life, well beyond school, and comparing non uniform containers can form an important step in this learning journey. These shapes can be filled to observe how the same amount of liquid may appear deceivingly different in the varying forms.

Key shapes included

The set includes 15 clear 3D plastic shapes, including cone, sphere, cylinder, cubes of various sizes, pyramid, triangular prisms, and more. These shapes will be familiar to students learning about geometry.

Fill the shapes

The shapes can be opened and filled with liquids or solids, providing the opportunity to expand on existing understanding.

By practising measuring out amounts to fill these shapes, students will gain a ‘feel’ for the units, and gain perspective for the relative volumes. Understanding what 5mL looks like relative to 500mL for example, is a useful foundation from which to continue learning about volume and capacity. Using food dyes with water add an extra fun dimension to the activities. In full, this product contains:

  • 15x Clear plastic shapes

Shapes measure approximately L 115mm x W 105mm.

More Information

Content Strand Measurement & Geometry
Proficiency Strand Understanding
Alternative Codes E1H003 F1H003 H1H003 L1H003 M1H003

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Customer Reviews

Excellent interactive volume and 3D shapes resource
Review by Louise
We found this a great resource for identifying 3D shapes and understanding volume. We filled them with coloured water and measured the volume of water and could make comparisons between the different shapes using the correct names. Great, interactive fun where children learn from trying options.

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