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Dr Paul Swan Maths Resources

Abacus Educational Suppliers stocks a wide range of maths resources from Dr Paul Swan. From Maths Kits to Books, Playing Cards and Games, we have it all.

Dr Paul Swan is an award-winning author supporting teachers all over Australia with clever hands-on resources to teach maths in an interesting and engaging way.



We distribute resources for and co-organise professional learning events with Dr Paul Swan.
Dr Paul Swan is a highly sought-after speaker and an absolute authority on the subject of Maths.
Creative, hands-on resources designed to empower maths teachers all over Australia.

Maths Kits

These thoroughly-researched, curriculum-aligned kits are designed to engage a whole class up to 32 students.

Teach maths in an engaging and effective way with a range of resources and activities that covers each year level.

Maths Books

Bring Maths learning to life with these comprehensive Maths books. As the ultimate teacher’s resource, these books make it easy to facilitate learning and start group discussions in class. 

The books use common classroom resources such as dice, cards and dominoes to help teach important Maths concepts.

Maths Games

Help children associate Maths with fun through this wide range of playful and enjoyable activities.

From spinner boards to puzzles, playing cards and the EduGames, there’s a motivating game for every Maths class to help kids improve their understanding of key concepts.
Dr Paul Swan explains how to use a tables chart to teach basic multiplication.

About Dr Paul Swan

Dr Paul Swan is an award-winning author, highly sought-after speaker and experienced designer of maths games, programs and resources to support teachers with teaching key maths concepts in an interesting and engaging way.

He’s also an honorary fellow of the Australian College of Educational Leadership and a long-time member of the Mathematical Association.

Dr Paul Swan has taught in primary, secondary and tertiary settings and is now a consultant to local, national and international schools. He designs easy-to-use mathematics and support materials for maths teachers around the world.