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Deluxe Magnet Kit

Deluxe Magnet Kit

The Deluxe Magnet Kit has every supply needed to teach your students the basics of magnetism. 

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SKU 2A102

Description / Deluxe Magnet Kit

All your magnetic resources are clearly identifiable in this sturdy partitioned storage box. A balance of bar magnets, horseshoe magnets and assorted magnetic aids have been selected to provide a comprehensive understanding of magnetism to students. The study of magnetism will prove relevant to further studies of chemistry, physics, and earth and space science.

Long lasting resources

The plastic-coated bar magnets included in the kit are almost incapable of demagnetization and therefore have a very long life in the classroom.

Colourful supplies

The magnetic wands, floating rings, marbles, and counters all come in a variety of bright colours, ensuring these vibrant resources can be easily divided amongst students. In the classroom, this equipment can be used in many ways to teach the basics of magnetism. Experiments include rings that when stacked up magnetically repel each other and float. The horseshoe magnet can pick up counters and coarse iron filings. These filings can also be placed in the iron filing bubble to observe invisible magnetic fields. Magnetic experiments can be completed by students independently and in groups, or by teachers to demonstrate during class lessons.

In full, this product contains:

  • 1x Chunky horseshoe magnet (12cm)
  • 6x Magnetic wands
  • 1x Deluxe floating ring set
  • 10x Plastic bar magnets
  • 20x Magnetic marbles
  • 100x Magnetic counters
  • 1x Iron filing bubble
  • 1x Iron filings (250gm)
  • 6x Moulded partition tray
  • 1x Gratnells tray with lid

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Alternative Codes E2A102 F2A102 H2A102 L2A102 M2A102

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