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Year 1 Maths Resources

Looking for Year 1 Maths resources? Abacus Educational Suppliers has got you covered. Our massive range of Maths, Literacy and Science resources spans all Year Levels from Foundation to Year 12.

Our Year 1 Maths collection includes a range of practical resources to help you cover proficiency and content strands of Year 1 level Maths learning as prescribed in the Australian curriculum.

At the center of our Year 1 learning resources are the proficiency strands of understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning. These form an integral part of teaching maths together with the content strands of number and algebra, measurement and geometry, statistics and probability.

Inspire your young students to connect names, numerals and quantities, and help them partition numbers in various ways as well as counting numbers in sequences in different directions as well fostering important skills such as problem-solving and reasoning.

Here at Abacus, we have been supporting primary teachers with the latest resources in maths for more than 30 years. We are always striving to provide teachers with a comprehensive choice of engaging Maths products to assist with creating an actively engaged classroom across multiple Year Levels.

Our long-standing partnership with Dr Paul Swan means that we are in a unique position to continue to develop the latest products based on research so you can always access the newest Maths resources.

This page is your starting point for Year 1 Maths resources. More interested in other Year Levels? Check out the options below.



Order at Abacus for quality Maths resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.
We’ve been providing teachers with time-saving Maths resources since 1986.
Get the latest in Maths thanks to our partnership with Dr Paul Swan.

Year 1 Number & Algebra Resources

Our collection of Year 1 Number and Algebra Resources includes all sorts of fun counting and sorting activities.

Teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with countless numbers games, dice collections, spinners, coins, and more!

Year 1 Measurement & Geometry Resources

Who knew learning Maths could be so much fun? Measure anything from dimensions, weight, time and more with our wide selection of hands-on activities and charts.

All Maths activities have been designed with the Australian Maths Curriculum in mind!

Year 1 Statistics & Probability Resources

What are the chances of finding such a vast collection of Year 1 Statistics and Probability resources? Well, at Abacus you'll probably find what you need!

From multi-sided dice to cubes and game spinners, we've got you covered when it comes to teaching these important Year 1 Maths skills.