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Who Loves Dinosaurs?

Why do children love dinosaurs so much?

Pretty much every child goes through a “dinosaur phase,” when he or she eats, sleeps and breathes dinosaurs. Understanding why children become little “dinomaniacs” may however give us some clue about how to get children more interested in science.

Perhaps dinosaurs are so fascinating because they are big, fierce and extinct therefore they require children’s imagination. Or, maybe because dinosaurs get what they want - no one would ever tell a Brachiosaurus that they have to go to bed early or finish their broccoli before they can have dessert.

My theory would be that kids love dinosaurs so much because it has something to do with them wanting to grow up to be the biggest, tallest and strongest, like their imaginary dino-friends.

Experts agree that the number one reason kids love dinosaurs is that they love monsters. Learning about dinosaurs can even help young children to overcome their fear of monsters and occasionally children may carry on their obsessions into adult-hood becoming biologists or palaeontologists.

Dinosaurs are powerful learning tools and they are a great resource for encouraging phonics, spelling, creative writing, categorising, counting, and even for introducing history lessons in the classroom. "Knowing all of the long names and facts about dinosaurs allows children to use their intelligence to master something that's scary or exciting - a way for them to confront something they're afraid of rather than withdrawing from it," says Charlotte Doyle child psychologist.

Teaching Idea:

Why can't you hear a pterodactyl using the bathroom? Because the 'p' is silent!

What are some other silent ‘p’ words you know?

 Mike the author and artist of The Dinosaur Big Book also loved dinosaurs as a kid. He read his first dinosaur book sitting on his grandad’s knee just over 20 years ago. “He gave me the nick-name ‘Michaelosaurus'. Now 27 years old, I'm so proud to have created my own dinosaur book for a new generation of kids to enjoy.”

With realistic illustrations he hopes to take young scientists back on a journey over millions of years ago, as they learn about some of their favourite dinosaurs, including Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, the fearsome T-rex and other unusual dinosaurs.

What’s your theory?  Why do you think children love dinosaurs?

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Written by Hristina Milenkovska

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