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Primary Connections

Abacus Educational Suppliers is the exclusive Australia-wide distributor of the award-winning Primary Connections resource units. Supported by the Australian Government, Primary Connections is an innovative program linking the teaching of science with the teaching of literacy in primary schools. These curriculum resources provide a clear and practical teaching approach including comprehensive advice for teachers and resources for students to use in the classroom.

Fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum, Primary Connections focuses on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in both science and literacy, through an inquiry-based approach.

In addition to Primary Connections units, Abacus also supplies Primary Connections kits, Primary Connections Student Science Journals and Primary Connections kit consumables for restocking unit materials. 

With 30 years experience, Abacus is the exclusive distributor of Primary Connections in Australia.
Primary Connections resources link science with literacy which results in a unique teaching approach.
Primary Connections resources are fully aligned to all strands of the Australian Curriculum.

Primary Connections Units

These Primary Connections units/textbooks are Australian curriculum aligned, and provide opportunities for students to explore science and learning in an engaging and practical way.

The primary Connections units focus on developing science and literacy knowledge, understanding and skills amongst primary school students. By using an inquiry-based approach, these units motivate students to collaborate and learn.

Primary Connections Kits

These kits, which are developed and packaged exclusively by Abacus Educational Suppliers, provide all necessary materials and consumables for their respective Primary Connections unit, stored in a sturdy Gratnells storage container.

Offering convenience for teachers, and a simple way to set up and pack up all learning materials, these kits are perfect for any teacher seeking to introduce added simplicity and efficiency into their classes.

Primary Connections Science Journals

The Primary Connections Science Journals help to support the teaching of each curriculum unit. These journals provide structured support that helps students along the learning pathway whilst also providing scope for additional notes and ideas.

The primary Connections units directly reference the Student Journals at times and they provide matching content and resources. These journals are not a requirement when using the Primary Connections units but they do help to augment the learning experience.

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