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Discover our Award-Winning Primary Connections Resources

Abacus Educational Suppliers is the exclusive Australia-wide distributor of the award-winning Primary Connections resources. Supported by the Australian Government, Primary Connections is an innovative program that links the teaching of science with the teaching of literacy in Australian primary schools.

Primary Connections resources provide a clear and unique practical approach to teaching both subjects and include comprehensive advice for teachers as well as practical resources for students to use in the classroom. Fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum, Primary Connections focuses on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills through an inquiry-based approach.

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With 30 years experience, Abacus is the exclusive distributor of Primary Connections in Australia.
Primary Connections resources are fully aligned to all strands of the Australian Curriculum.
Primary Connections resources link science with literacy which results in a unique teaching approach.

Primary Connections Units

Primary Connections units/textbooks are Australian curriculum aligned and provide students with opportunities to explore and develop science and literacy knowledge in an engaging and practical way.

The units use an inquiry-based approach which is designed to help primary school students improve collaboration and learning skills.

Primary Connections Kits

Primary Connections kits are developed and packaged exclusively by Abacus Educational Suppliers, and provide all necessary materials and consumables for the respective Primary Connections units.

Stored in sturdy Gratnells containers, these kits offer convenience and a simple way to set up and pack up all learning materials to teachers who seek to introduce simplicity and efficiency into their classes.

Student Science Journals

Primary Connections Student Science Journals provide additional support to teaching each curriculum unit and help students along their pathway of learning with scope for additional notes and ideas.

At times, Primary Connections units may directly reference Student Science Journals and provide matching content and resources. Although they are not a requirement, these journals do help in augmenting the learning experience.

The Primary Connections Learning Approach

The Primary Connections teaching and learning approach are based on leading research that encompasses:

  • A 5Es teaching and learning model that has distinct learning phases that direct students on a learning journey.
  • An inquiry and investigation based approach that allows students to ask their own questions that then form the basis for their learning.
  • Collaborative learning opportunities. These allow for more effective learning to take place and also help to develop interpersonal skills.
  • Linkage with the curriculum and the external environment, allowing authentic and real-world learning.
  • A focus on evidence-based reasoning and critical thinking.


The Primary Connections Teaching & Learning Model

All Primary Connections units embed inquiry-based learning into a modified 5Es instructional model with the five phases: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate (Bybee, 1997). Please see the table below for more information on the focus points of each of the 5Es phases:


PhaseFocusAssessment focus

Engage students and elicit prior knowledge

Diagnostic assessment


Provide hands-on experience of the phenomenon

Formative assessment


Develop scientific explanations for observations and represent developing conceptual understanding

Consider current scientific explanations

Formative assessment


Extend understanding to a new context or make connections to additional concepts through a student-planned investigation

Summative assessment
of the Science Inquiry Skills


Students re-represent their understanding and reflect on their learning journey, and teachers collect evidence about the achievement of outcomes

Summative assessment
of the Science Understanding

Primary Connections resources link science with literacy learning.